Multi-year experience in design, certification and production support of primary and secondary aeronautical structures

Concept & Design Development

The design experience of the ELLEA Team extends to the primary and secondary structures, both metallic and composite, such as:

  • Wing
  • Fuselage
  • Empennages
  • Doors
  • Nacelles
  • Landing Gears

Structural Verification & Validation

Supporting the Design Team, the CAE Team verifies, optimizes and validates the adopted structural solutions through:

  • FE Model Build & Analysis
  • Fatigue & Damage Tolerance
  • Hand Calculation
  • Reportistica Certificativa
  • Assistenza alla Produzione (MRO & Concessions)

by applying the typical aeronautical methodologies and standards finalized to the final flight certification:

  • Boeing Design Manual
  • Bombardier Manual
  • Airbus Manual & ISAMI Tools

First Flight Clearance & Flight Certification

The ELLEA personnel experience includes also the most important certification phases: from the many activities for the first test flight authorization to the correlation activities leading, through the test rig, to the final flight certification:

  • Residual Strenght Analysis:
  • Full Scale Static e Fatigue Test:
    • Test Load Discretization
    • Non-Destructive Test Support
    • Certification Report