From the Design of Mechanical components such as Suspensions to the verification of their interaction with the Chassis component, the ELLEA personnel take part in the development and verification of innovative solutions aiming to the continuous improvement of the Safety and Comfort of the Passengers.

Concept & Design Development

ELLEA directly and indirectly operates for many Constructors and Designers in the different design departments: from Style Feasibility to the Internal and External Trim, from the Bosy to the Movable Parts, using its expertise also related to the Production Technologies with metallic, plastic or composite materials.

Structural Verification & Validation

In each development phase of the program, the CAE Team supports the Designers with the use of Virtual Analysis aiming to verify and validate the suitability of the solutions adopted with respect to the design requirements:

  • Creation and validation of dedicated FE models
  • Static Strength and Fatigue analysis
  • Multibody analysis and Vibroacustic Optimization of the vehicle


In the Virtual Simulation field, special attention is given to the verification of the compliance to the safey standard required such as:

  • Front, Side & Rear Crash: EuroNCAP
  • Bumper Low-Speed Impact: ECE42
  • Interior Head impacts: ECE21


Design and prototyping of electronic systems and devices in different fields. Design of control Systems for mechatronic applications:

  • Full Design and Construction of Electronic Equipment, advanced technological solutions​​
  • Prototyping of Electronic boards and Mechatronic devices in the Automotive Industry ​​
  • Customer support in industrialization, pre-production and mass production​​
  • Modifications and testing of electronic and mechatronic equipment​​
  • Reverse Engineering, Cloning of equipment and electronic boards ​​
  • Hardware, Firmware and Software design develop and support​​
  • Schematics and Layouts. Multilayer PBC development​​
  • Data acquisition and telemetry systems


Our Creative Office area can provide Style activities in Automotive and Industrial Design:

  • Analisis & Concept ​​
  • Proposal Sketch Research ​​
  • 2D Rendering
  • 3D Modeling​​
  • 3D Rendering and Visualization