The current ELLEA personnel took part in the following programs, preserving the related expertise and know how


Design and Stress

Design and structural analysis of the Wing Pylons


Design and Stress

FWD Fuselage: structural design, FEM development, check stress, hand calculation, reports on:

  • Canopy
  • Cabin Frames and Canted Frames
  • Composite Lateral Panels
  • Flight Control System
  • Flight Deck Instrumentation Installation
  • Radome
  • Leading Edge


Full Scale Static and Fatigue Test for flight certification

Development of test intallations for:

  • Leading Edge
  • Flap
  • Aileron
  • Vertical Tail
  • Fixed Leading Edge and Probe

BOEING 787 Dreamliner


Involved from PDR, CDR to flight test.
FE modelling and analysis of:

  • Door Uplock Mechanism
  • Landing Gear Uplock
  • Section 44 and joints, realized in CFC and Titanium

Bombardier C-Series 100 & 300


Involved in JDP and DDP.
FE modelling and analysis and hand calculation on:

  • Wing to Body Fairing (metallic and composite)
  • Mid Fuselage Circumferential Joints (Static & Fatigue)
  • Crease Beam (Static & Fatigue)

Airbus A380-800



Pax Floor Main Deck (frames 38 to 50):

design, static and fatigue analysis, manufacturing drawings of floor beams, rails, crash links and trolley lift attachment, design of the support structures for aircraft equipments.

Cargo Floor Main Deck (frames 38 to 45):

design, static and fatigue analysis, manufacturing drawings (cargo beam, main structures), design of the floor handling and transportation devices.

Engine Nacelle (Rolls-Royce Trent 900 and General Electric GP7200 engines):

flight readiness and certification analysis (static, fatigue, optimizations) and reports.

Airbus A380-800 F

Design & Stress


Design and stress analysis of the Upper and Main Deck Cargo Doors.

  • Design (3d CAD, drawings, VPM integration), certification, reports, MRB and concessions.
  • FEM modelling (GFEM and DFEM); FE structural analysis; detailed analysis of the door-fuselage interfaces; static, fatigue and damage tolerance reports.

Learjet 85


FE modelling and analysis on:

  • Aft Pressure Bulkhead
  • Avionic Pressure Floor
  • Keel Beam
  • Aft Frame
  • Cabin Floor Frames
  • EGRESS Provisions
  • Fuselage Skin CFC Monolithic & Core;

Airbus A350 XWB


Airbus A350 XWB-900 (MSN001 to MSN005):

  • Pylon Load Transfer Bracket: development of a software for stress check and weight reduction, residual strength analysis
  • Track Cans and Funk Plates: DFEM, load definition, stress check and weight reduction
  • Fixed leadin edge: residual strength analysis
  • Fuselage (Section 15): FEM validation and check stress
  • Wing: production support (concession)


Airbus A350 XWB-1000:

  • Fixed Leading edge: metallic ribs and composite panel sizing (B-Maturity)
  • Rear Spar (Inboard & Outboard Splice Joints, Fuel Quantity Indicator, Flap Tracks 3 & 4)
  • FE modelling (IFEM), validation, FE static analysis, hand calculation, reporting

MPCV Service Module


  • GFEM modification
  • Shear Panel FEM validation and test correlation
  • Mass saving study
  • FE analyses and feasibility studies on Auxiliary Thrust Support, Fuel Tank Support, Engine Support.



Fixed Flight Controls – Certification of the improved collective design

  • Multibody analysis; modelling, analyses set up and run, load extraction
  • FE Analysis for static and fatigue evaluation: models preparation, analyses set up and run, post-processing
  • Hand calculations for static and fatigue
  • Certification analysis reports (static and fatigue)
  • Full scale test for flight certification: preparation of test report for the static and operational tests



Fixed Flight Controls

  • Static analysis of the cyclic controls: FE models preparation, analyses set up and run, post-processing; hand calculations; certification report
  • Full scale test for flight certification: preparation of test proposals for the static, operational and shear joints tests


Cockpit & Windshield – Bird Strike Simulation

  • FE model check and modifications
  • DFEM models preparation and integration into the GFEM
  • Explicit analyses set-up and run
  • Test/Analysis correlation
  • Analysis post-processing


Fuel Tank – Drop Test

  • FE model preparation
  • Explicit analysis set-up and run
  • Results post-processing


Design & Stress

Structural Design of the Forward Fuselage Primary Structure

  • Nose Structure
  • Under-Floor
  • Upper Deck


Multibody analysis of the Fixed Flight Controls: modelling, analyses set-up, post-processing


Note: Work in progress at Ellea Ingegneria – Torino


Design & Stress

Forward Fuselage

  • Structural Design
  • FE analysis post-processing
  • Hand calculations
  • Report


Note: Work in progress at Leonardo Velivoli – Venegono