Many years of experience in railway design for carbody structures, running gears and implants, for the most important producers in Italy and abroad.

Concept & Design Development

The expertise of the ELLEA personnel covers many railway systems as carbody structures, running gears and implants, such as:

  • Carbody structures (bodyshell);
  • Carbody Interior Trim;
  • Carbody Exterior Trim;
  • Carbody equipment;
  • Bogie frame (motor, trailer, jacob);
  • Complete wheelset;
  • Antiroll and antishaking system;
  • Electrical implants HV & LV;
  • Pneumatic implants (brakes, suspensions);
  • Flange lubricating device and sanding device;
  • W & G;

Structural Verification & Validation

The Design is supported by the CAE Team, which validates and optimizes the design solution through:

  • Virtual Simulation;
  • FEA & Hand Calculation;
  • Cerification Report;

operating according to the main european standards, such as:

  • EN 12663
  • EUROCODE EN 1993
  • EUROCODE EN 1999

Trains & Tramway Bogies

The ELLEA personnel has a specific know how in the development of many kind of motor and trailer bogies:

  • Bogies for high speed trains;
  • Narrow gauge trains bogies;
  • Heavy and light subway bogies;
  • Low lifted tramway bogies;