Passion, experience and precision in the mechanical design for guaranteeing structural efficiency, environmental sustainability, low noise levels and comfort.

Concept & Design Development

The ELLEA personnel expertise extends from Base Engine to all the problems related to the Engine System:

Base Engine
  • Cilinder Head
  • Engine Block
  • Intake & Exhaust
  • Water Pump & Circuit
Engine System
  • Refueling System
  • FLVV Valve & MFI Modules
  • Diesel & Urea Tanks
  • Connector & Pipe lines

Structural Verification & Validation

The CAE team operates to support the Design activities for thermofluidodynamic and structural verification and optimization through the virtual simulation of each metallic and plastic component:

  • Multibody Analysis
  • FEA & Noise Vibration Harshness
  • Fatigue & Durability (FRF & PSD)
  • Biphasic CFD Analysis
  • Preliminary Shout Off
  • De-Icing Prediction

Handling, Comfort & Performance

The ELLEA personnel works in close contact with the customer and its test teams to validate the link between physical and virtual realities, creating and managing an essential tool for optimizing the balance between structural efficiency and low noise levels through the study of the dynamic interaction of Engine, Suspensions, Driveline and Body for continuous Comfort improvement.

  • Axle Whine
  • Isolation Effectiveness
  • Engine Excitation Boom
  • Prop Shaft Out of Balance
  • Vibration Absorber
  • Radiated Noise